by jdfashionfreak

My two months with Moroccan Oil, OPI and Galenic Paris….

After my pregnancy I could not get back to the shape as I was before, in this article by the shape I mean my skin, hair and especially my nails. They were in terrible condition. During my pregnancy, I’ve decided to do sombre hair, yes, it was a definitely a ‘prego’ brain thing… as you can guess it absolutely ruined my hair. After two months I’ve done everything to get back to my colour, but still my hair were in a bad condition. Finally, I had to cut my hair, around 1/3 lenght. But still my old shampoo couldn’t manage what was going on on my head, my hair were always dry and split on the ends. I did try lots of masks, different shampoos and all kinds of treatments. Finally, I run into Moroccan Oil company, which I have been familiar since few weeks. I started my treatment with Shampoo and Conditioner I got also  few deluxe samples for free to my order. After a few days using it my hair felt totally different, they were shining, smooth and not that dry any more. After two months I just can’t imagine using different treatment for my hair, as they look even better than before my pregnancy. Both Shampoo and Conditioner I bought in large bottles and I must say that they are very efficient it feels like they are still full of.

As I mention before, I also had a problem with my nails. They were broken all the time, nothing works till I got OPI Avoplex from my sister as a little gift. Turn out to be a big one for me.

For two years one of my nails was absolutely broken in the middle, I used to do lots of gels, hybrids and etc. But nothing works and I think this ruined my nail even more. I started using OPI Oil, imagine that after two weeks my whole nails got stronger even the broken one started to grow properly. Absolutely a must have.

Galenic Paris is a company that only recently entered the Polish market. I had a pleasure to test one of their facial cream. A very smart night care product with regenerative power. It’s an aqua gel which makes your face looking younger at every morning, very refreshing. As I am not getting younger it’s a perfect product to hide my wrinkles.

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Lucyaofficial 2017-03-04 - 21:38

Thanks for posting this, will try Moroccanoil!

jdfashionfreak 2017-03-04 - 21:42

Happy you liked it!

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