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Last week I had pleasure to meet the Estee Lauder make-up team in Galeria Mokotów in Warsaw. I can already tell a little secret of mine, I’ve just became an Estee Lauder Ambassador. How exciting is that. Still, can’t believe it! Estee Lauder is one of the best cosmetics companies in the world, which has gained its great reputation thanks to many years of experience and unique products.

Going back to my day with Estee Lauder, I’ve decided to try some of their very special products, mostly best-sellers (no wonder!). To see how EL cosmetics „work” on my face. One of the make-up team member made a very clear tutorial with lots of advices on how to use all of the products which I am about to describe. We have started with the Advanced Night Repair serum, which is an absolute must have whenever you start dealing with the EL beauty stuff. The MUA explained to me how important it is to use the serum under your foundations or even base cream. Serum moisturises the skin so that the wrinkles become less visible. In addition, it smoothes the skin and gently reduces the pores. At the same time, thanks to its watery consistency, it absorbs instantly .

After that, we used the Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging wake up balm to make my skin radiance and lighter but also to keep the freshness of it. It is very multifunctional face balm. Regular application restores its elasticity and smoothness. It just clearly reduces the stress on your face. After quick serum and balm treatment application we went straight to lay the foundation. The Double Wear Nude 2N1 Desert Beige (perfect match with my skin tone). It is very delicate and you probably already have heard about this foundation because it is very well-known as the best in the world 🙂 This is a very durable backing that lasts all day, does not overlap and leaves the mask feeling on your face. Next the MUA contoured my face using the Double wear highlight cushion stick 01 champagne glow, above my cheeks above my eyebrows, above my lips. Bronzer on my cheeks ( just regular contouring face). At the end she corrected some spots with the Double Wear BB Brush on Glow 1C Light.

Yes we are almost done with the liquid stuff (almost as we are ending with the lips)
All of it has to be preserved with the powder. In this scenario Perfecting loose Powder- translucent. The silky smooth powder (this is because it has been smudged 4 times and is mega delicate to the touch) immediately smoothes the complexion and hides all imperfections: masks too wide pores and unifies the skin tone. A little blush touch with the Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Blush 310 I 330. At almost the end, the lips were made of a mixture of two colours of lipstick and lip gloss,
The Pure Colour Envy 250 and the Eccentric Flower I 350 Tempting Melon.

The EL MUA shared with me her biggest discovery about Advanced repair ( yes we are getting back to the beginning). She showed me that I could use some of it on the big brush, just a tiny bit to make my make-up fresh all day. And guess what? She was absolutely right! Not really sure if it was that trick or rather good entire cosmetic use. But I don’t have to be so picky as I am good for all day. It was an amazing experience, we did chat a lot, and I’ve learned a lot of new things about the Estee Lauder Products.

The Estee Lauder beauty and make-up products have definitely added my skin more beauty itself and glamour. At the same time, I felt comfortable, ideally hydrated and lightness of the make-up. When I returned home at 10pm I still looked very fresh. I highly recommend trying these cosmetics for anyone who does not already know them. I am pretty sure that you will be delighted!

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Piękny makijaż! 🙂

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